Multifunctional centers in Trikātas, J. Endzelīna Kauguru and Brenguļu Primary School

Target audience: Young people at the age from 15 to 30, young families with children at the age from 15 to 30, educators and teaching staff.
Goal: Transforming educational establishments in Beverīna region: Brenguļi Primary School, Trikāta Elementary School and Kauguri Elementary School named after J.Endzelīns into multi-functional education, culture and social support centers.
Training program „Entrepreneurship”;
Training program „Latvian Wisdom” – traditions, education;
Training program „Healthy Lifestyle” – Nordic walking, posture correction exercises, herbal teas;
Training program „Social Skills Revival” – home-made cheese production classes, floristic, toy production, redecoration and repairs classes.
Outcomes: Long-term lifelong learning support system is created in Beverīna region by transforming educational establishments of the region into multi-functional education, culture and social support centers. Community of Beverīna region is educated and partnership founded between Beverīna regional authorities, educational establishments of the region and entrepreneurship representatives.

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School of Life in Beverīna Region

Linda Krūmiņa, Project director

Beverīna region, just like many other regions which were created by force after the reform met ambitions and differing opinion on the parish administration matters of each separate parish. In the parishes joined by the reform – Kauguri, Brenguļi and Trikāta – there is a school in each – Jānis Endzelīns’ Kauguri Elementary School, Brenguļi Elementary School and Trikāta Elementary School. But having learned about the Soros Foundation – Latvia Initiative „Change Opportunities for Schools” all the three schools made a decision not to compete but develop one Project together. It turned out to be one of the biggest advantages and gains at the same time of our project „School of Life”. Although there were enough participants involved in the Project who acquired new skills and new knowledge, but the biggest benefit was gained from those events where participants from all the three regions were together, got to know each other and learned a lot of new things about their neighbors. Unlikely it would have happened if not for this Project.

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