Developing a Community Support Center in Mazsalaca High School

Target audience: School children, students of all grades at Mazsalaca High School, their families, adults in Mazsalaca region, even those who are not directly connected with the school and have no schoolchildren in their families.
Goal: Develop a community support center in Mazsalaca High School – a multi-functional education, culture and social support center which will call together children, as well as adults.
Activities: Diversifying interest education for children and adults: „Setting and Meeting Goals”; a training course in developing leaders’ personalities and promoting ambitious growth. Drama club, applied creativity workshop, the Swedish language course, the Norwegian language course, psychological lectures course for parents, “Stance Project”, Nordic walking group, environmental education camp; a training course in project writing and life-long learning “Project Laboratory”.
A community support center – a multifunctional education, culture and social support center will be developed in Mazsalaca region.
Support will be given to schoolchildren in providing meaningful leisure time activities, and various interest education opportunities.
Contribution to providing educational and social needs to the children and their families of the region will be given.
Cooperation between the school and local NGOs will be strengthened.


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