Mēneša arhīvs: April, 2010

Developing a Community Support Center in Mazsalaca High School

Target audience: School children, students of all grades at Mazsalaca High School, their families, adults in Mazsalaca region, even those who are not directly connected with the school and have no schoolchildren in their families.
Goal: Develop a community support center in Mazsalaca High School – a multi-functional education, culture and social support center which will call together children, as well as adults.
Activities: Diversifying interest education for children and adults: „Setting and Meeting Goals”; a training course in developing leaders’ personalities and promoting ambitious growth. Drama club, applied creativity workshop, the Swedish language course, the Norwegian language course, psychological lectures course for parents, “Stance Project”, Nordic walking group, environmental education camp; a training course in project writing and life-long learning “Project Laboratory”.
A community support center – a multifunctional education, culture and social support center will be developed in Mazsalaca region.
Support will be given to schoolchildren in providing meaningful leisure time activities, and various interest education opportunities.
Contribution to providing educational and social needs to the children and their families of the region will be given.
Cooperation between the school and local NGOs will be strengthened.

Asare Primary School as Community Center

Target audience: School children; pre-school children; inhabitants of Asare parish and Aknīste region. Indirect target audience of the Project: families of school children from Ancene Elementary School; Local community on the whole who will have had opportunities of education and communication, as well as acquired more favorable environment in their place of settlement.
Goal: „Activate involvement of local inhabitants and schoolchildren in solving topical problems and spending leisure time meaningfully.”
Lectures – psychologist’s lectures, experts’ lectures, practical advice
Interactive information center
Leisure club for children and young people – sports, video, drama, visual art, computer clubs
Practical activity and experience club for adults – gardening, cooking, floriculture, handcrafts, etc., charity events, keeping national traditions.
The premises of Asare Elementary School and the equipment will be used not only in study process but also for implementation of the scheduled activities of youth and adults, for rent.
Local people will have acquired IT skills and the Internet will be publicly available in Ancene village.
Children and young people will have an opportunity of spending meaningful leisure time in sports activities and taking part in making a feature film and interest education classes.
Inhabitants of the parish will be acquainted with holiday celebration according to Latvian traditions, will acquire practical skills in gardening, cooking, floriculture, handcrafts, etc., and will be involved in charity work.
The lecture course will have encouraged local people to look for new opportunities in solving daily problems.
Cooperation between the school and the community will be strengthened.

Leisure Time Center “Upmala” (“Riverside”)

Target audience: Children and young people, pre-school and school children, their parents and educating staff.
Goal: Develop a leisure time center providing healthy and safe environment for families with children in the parish and reducing the social exclusion risk in the country.
Activities: It has been planned to develop a nursery room where parents can leave their children for a period of up to 2 hours; the children would be looked after by the manager of the center. The social worker of the parish could use this room assigning children from families subject to social risks, and psychologist’s consultations would be given to them here.
Children and young people of the parish could get involved in sports activities – they could play volleyball, football, in winter months – ski, engage in track-and-field athletics, sports dancing and play board games throughout the year.
History of culture and nature exploration classes will be offered, as well as day camps during summer months. As a result a heritage exposition will be set up that will form the basis of a museum in one of the previous classrooms.
Some classrooms will be allotted to adults’ education in order to organize courses and provide premises for the measures of the State Employment Agency. As an opening measure in adults’ education sphere an English language course for beginners and a computer course for beginners are planned.
Outcomes: A place will be developed where children, young people and their parents can realize their interests, study, acquire new skills, find the equally thinking, support others during this difficult adaptation period.

Developing a Versatile, Contemporary Workshops’ Center Oriented to the Needs of the Community and Practical Activity in Baldone Region Integrating Formal and Informal Education Opportunities and Local Community Resources

Target audience: Local community, especially children and schoolchildren (groups subject to social risk in particular) and their parents.
Goal: Develop a sustainable, versatile and contemporary Workshops’ center in Baldone region, oriented to the needs of local community and practical activity integrating formal and informal education opportunities and applying local community resources.
Activities: During the Project development of a practical training complex (a versatile workshops’ complex) will be continued improving the material and technical base for youth and in the future adults’ practical training placing emphasis on opportunities of acquiring not only vocational skills but also skills and abilities useful in everyday life. It is planned to continue equipping Baldone High School premises, i.e. metal workshop, which will complement the existing wood processing workshop and form a single practical operation training complex. Such an approach will allow developing the school into an active local community center both in content and organization.
The application for the Project is written based on analyses of the educational and social needs of the community and is primarily orientated to the children and schoolchildren’s interests providing opportunities of versatile development and education for them, combining various formal and informal education possibilities, local resources, modern technologies as well as acting as a non-profit structure in providing the necessary repairs, reconstruction work or producing new interior articles.
Outcomes: As a result of the Project development, equipping and arranging of a multi-functional workshops’ complex will be finished in Baldone region.

School of Buoyancy in Turlava Primary School

Target audience: School children and their families, families whose children continue education elsewhere but live in the parish, parish community on the whole – the range of further education opportunities and activities will allow raising the competitiveness in labor market, understanding and developing one’s skills and spending leisure time meaningfully.
Goal: Turlava Elementary School wishes to take the opportunity of qualitative changes within the school itself while maintaining the possibility of remaining a school and using this process for the benefit of local community in order to strengthen cooperation and partnership skills. The further goal will be specialization of the school by changing the curriculum and embodying the folk school principles thus creating an exciting habit of leaving home, cooperating and life-long learning taking responsibility for one’s own, parish’s and community’s competitiveness.
Activities: Raising the teachers’ professional capacity in study and teaching process, making use of IT during lessons (critical thinking, computer skills and methodology courses), involving school children into developing e-environment at school and in the parish applying developed computer skills to study process and extracurricular activities (optional IT classes, applying presentation skills in developing one’s own, the school and the parish communication network). In order to raise the motivation and competitiveness of a self-employed person – foreign language and computer skills basis, craft workshops; wisdom school, the teachings of which can be of use either for a farmer or a housewife, for children and young people who have not found their place in life (practical work the end-product of which is useful at home or can be sold at the market; training groups, training under the guidance of outside teachers or local experts). During the implementation of all the above mentioned activities the accent is on the joy of being a Turlava local, constantly demonstrating one’s abilities in everyday life, at competitions, as well as at celebrations.
Outcomes: The skills acquired improve the competitiveness of Turlava parish community, especially that of the local young people in labor market, motivate to set up private business; further activities take place in the atmosphere of cooperation and partnership, thus reducing the negative effects of the crisis. The school remains as a catalyst of positive changes in the community gaining support of the community in all its activities.

Gārsene Primary School as Multifunctional Education, Culture, Social and Development centre

Target audience: Senior students at Gārsene Elementary School, young people of Gārsene parish and all the region, patients at APNH, middle-age people in Gārsene parish, schoolchildren’s parents, teachers at Gārsene Elementary School, elderly people in Gārsene parish.
Goal: Developing Gārsene Elementary School into a multi-functional education, culture and social support center.
Activities: Various classes for wide range of interest groups: wood processing classes, metalworking basis, IT, tourist guide group, sport club, Christian values group, social issues classes, home economics for schoolgirls, senior dance group, vocal-instrumental ensemble, youth choir, students and youth dance group, communicational English classes, summer day camp for children.
The school’s facilities will be improved becoming the basis for the Project sustainability.
Drawing in various groups of people into the Project activities will provide greater support and potential for school maintenance.
Most activities will allow expression of local people’s skills and abilities and will be  set to the future as they give practical and vocational skills.
Community potential will be used (for example, opportunities in tourism – training guides, involving local people in producing souvenirs, opening guest houses, etc.).
In case of success the school can continue offering paid services after the end of the Project thus raising funds for the school maintenance.
The existing school and teachers’ potential will be maintained.
The parish traditions will be maintained and cultivated.

Sabile Town and Abava Parish Family Support Center “Sirdspuksti” (“Heartbeat”)

Target audience: Jobless people, young people with low skills and abilities level, young mothers, women and children from Roma families, families which have children with special needs.
Goal: Support families of Sabile town and Abava parish in their personalities’ development and perfection, as well as to draw in Roma women and families with children with special needs into the activities of the Family center.
Activities: Regular 6 lesson cycles on the premises of Sabile High School and Abava parish museum: positive thinking development, supervisions for parents, creating mandalas, computer classes, teaching self-confidence and self-esteem to parents and schoolchildren, new career opportunities in Talsi region and Latvia.
Outcomes: The knowledge, skills and abilities, acquired during the Project will give each person involved an opportunity to present him or herself better in the local community which will promote overall emotional stability in the community and create more optimistic emotions.

Improving a Developing Play Center for 3 to 6 Years Olds at Užava Elementary School

Target audience: The beneficiaries of the Project will be families and children’s parents. A question of looking after children and engaging them in activities at the time when parents are at work or busy will be solved.
Goal: Establish a play center for 3 to 6 years old pre-school children in Užava parish thus providing their versatile education and development.
Developing each child’s individuality and promoting his or her activities, wish to explore the surrounding world and society events;
Preparing the children for school by developing their skills and abilities which are necessary for them to become a part of the school life;
Improve the children’s communication skills with their peers and adults, guarantee their security.
Outcomes: While implementing the Project a Play Center will be developed for children, which in the future will attract schoolchildren to Užava Elementary School consequently allowing keeping the educational establishment in Užava parish. The Play group will provide for an opportunity of developing various skills, improve the children’s language abilities, musical skills and communication skills.

Dunava Primary School – Multi-functional Education, Culture and Social Support Center

Target audience: Children from social risk groups at summer academy, teaching staff, parents, municipality and social workers, NGO representatives, local leaders who are taught at the planned seminars; people from socially vulnerable groups who are involved in practical learning.
Goal: Promote community development transforming Dunava School into a multi-functional education, culture and social support center accessible to all community groups. Teach local community members mutual cooperation and communication skills in problem solving and meeting targets. Encourage children and young people’s integration, give support to families.
Support families with children at the age of 5 to 6 to help them get ready for school;
Seminars and creative workshops to support children with special needs;
Work with children from social risk groups;
Teaching “From an Idea to the Project”;
Practical instructions in arranging housing;
Motivation seminar for the community.
Outcomes: Increased capacity of the local community.

Education Center MŪZA (“Muse”) in Jaunanna

Target audience: Community of Jaunanna and Anna parishes – pre-school children, school children, young people, adults and other interested people from Alūksne region.
Goal: Create favorable environment for personal development of children and young people from Jaunanna, Anna and other places in Alūksne region, further education and competitiveness of youth and adults in labor market; promote consolidation of all the community groups involved by developing an Education Center Mūza in Jaunanna.
Curriculum content implementation: Small business organization and management – introduction to office work, computer learning, foreign languages studies, practical psychology and mental health;
Art studio with subprograms – pottery, adults’ art studio, small dwarf workshop, schoolchildren’s art studio;
Music studio with subprograms – playing a musical instrument (classical guitar), vocal-instrumental ensemble (with preliminary knowledge in music);
Sports – judo, gymnastics.
Cultural, educational and sports activities will be offered to children and young people for spending meaningful leisure time and versatile development of creative and intellectual skills and abilities.
Jaunanna, Anna and other Alūksne region inhabitants’ competitiveness in labor market will be promoted organizing further education courses containing 10 education programs.
Culture life in Jaunanna will be considerably refined in the coming years by developing an art and music studio at the Education center “Mūza”.
Favorable conditions for consolidating various community groups will be created thus providing them opportunities of participation in education programs and other events organized at the Center.